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We customize our arrangements to fit exactly what you need on your special day. We start by scheduling a consultation to identify all your needs and walk you through what we can do. Schedule a consultation today with the link below. 


"Jennifer & the Sweet Serenity team did the florals for our wedding last weekend and they did a phenomenal job! Their team was truly an all-hands-on-deck type of team, and helped with everything from styling tables to pealing labels off decorations which was a HUGE help when we were setting up. Jennifer really took my inspiration photos and color/flower requests into account, but we wanted to make sure they had creative freedom to make something beautiful and they did just that. Thank you so much for making our floral dreams come true and being a part of our day!"

- Kaitlyn Feniello


All in the details

We truly customize everything down to even the smallest details. Whether that's an accent piece for the updo, the table arrangements or the altar floral arrangement we've got you covered. Schedule your consult today!

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